Polo's Refuge

In 2012, Crossroads Shih Tzu Rescue opened Polo's Refuge, our Senior Dog Retirement Home program. Since then, CSTR has saved many senior Shih Tzu and other small breed dogs but always restricted by the limited space of the 10'x16' building that is Polo's Refuge. As word of Polo's Refuge has spread, CSTR is contacted daily about other senior dogs who find themselves in animal shelters around the USA and desperately need a safe place to live out the remainder of their lives. Heartbroken at having to turn so many down due to sheer lack of space, we are now hoping to purchase property and open a much larger program where senior dogs of all sizes can live in safety, security and with love. With this money, we plan to purchase approximately 4 acres of land, move the existing Polo's Refuge building to the property, remodel the existing buildings to accommodate the senior dogs and update fencing

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