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How does this whole process work?

You design your shirt, set your pricing and launch your online t-shirt fundraiser for free. As long as you sell the minimum quantity needed to print (as low as 5 shirts), we print + ship all shirts directly to your supporters and send you the profits! If you are not able to sell the minimum needed to print during your fund, no one is charged and no money is exchanged.

How much do your shirts cost and how much goes to me, the fund organizer?

Our shirts don't cost you anything out of pocket. During the fund setup process, you determine your selling price per shirt. We calculate your profit per shirt by subtracting a base cost from your selling price. Here's the equation we use: Profit Per Shirt = Selling Price - Base Cost This base cost covers all of the costs associated with printing your shirt such as the fabric, the screen(s), ink colors and credit card processing fees. Your actual base cost is determined by the total quantity of shirts sold during your fund. The more shirts you sell, the lower your base cost is and the more profit you make per shirt.

What if I don't reach my sales goal?

Your campaign will need to sell a minimum to print, which is 25% of your sales goal. If you don’t reach the minimum we will refund your supporters for their product purchases. Campaigns that sell below 75% of their sales goal will receive an adjusted profit amount based on the amount of shirts sold. Campaigns that sell above 75% of their sales goal will receive the full amount.

When will we receive our shirts?

Most U.S. based customers will receive their shirts in approximately 14 business days after your campaign ends. We are based in Indiana, which is where all your shirts are printed and shipped.

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